bomb-funkWe can greatly improve every portrait in which the subject is smiling by applying a little digital tooth whitening. In this easy to follow tutorial you will be whitening teeth in minutes.
We will  first select the teeth and soften the selection, to avoid a visible line between the areas that are lightened and the rest of the image. Although there are many ways to make a selection in Photoshop, using the Quick Selection Quick Mask works well when making a detailed selection such as selecting a person’s teeth

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greenOpen a image and  Zoom in to make a selection.

1Select the Quick Selection Tool.

2Make sure that the Add to Selection and Auto-Enhanced are selected.

3Start making your selection.

4After you are done click on Refine Edge.

5Play with the setting to get the desired result the most important option here is Feather in our case we enter 1px.

6To get a live preview of the edge refinements press F cycle through the preview modes.

7Click OK

8Now click the Hue and Saturation Button in the adjustment panel.

greenNote: that a new adjustment layers is created and the selection is hidden. If the adjustment panel it’s not showing go to Window-Adjustments to show the panel.


9In the Hue/Saturation option select Yellows.

10Click and drag the Saturation slider slowly to the left to remove the yellow, in our case a value of -80 works just fine.

11Click and drag the Lightness slider slowly to the right  to brighten the teeth.

12Select Master form the menu.

13 Click and drag the Lightness slider slowly to the right  to complete the effect.


greenThe technique that we used here is a non destructive way to complete this effect and only available on Photoshp CS4 but there are a couple of  ways to achieve the same results in Photoshop, we are going to use the whitening processes in another tutorial coming up in the next couple of days, this time we are going to use a more traditional technique. So stay tuned.

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