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Mythical Chef

Astonishing Chef

Outstanding Chef

Astounding Chef

Marvelous Chef




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Scroll below if you want to read an in depth review of Bitmango’s Word Cookies game.

Word Cookies – The Newest, Greatest, App.


The Word Cookies app is another word game developed by Bitmango, similar to many others that have come before. You match letters in different combinations to make words and try to make sure that you get all of the possible combinations. Bonuses, fun activities, and other additions to the game keep it fresh, while adorable graphics make it more interesting. In this review we will look at the game, see how the play style varies from other games, and try to identify the good, the bad, and everything else between.

The game is currently available for both Android and IoS with no word of plans to launch for other platforms. It is free to play, but does offer in-app purchases for anyone who wants to play more or try to get an edge.


The game is played by looking at the word cookies in a pan and figuring out the many different combinations that they can be moved into. For example, EERD could be REED, RED, or DEER. Each level will generally show you how many choices you need to find and will give you a time limit to find them.

You progress through the game by earning baking points, which of course are earned faster if you are input words faster. You get new titles and surprises as you progress, making it addicting to play. The progress bar lets you know when you are close to leveling up and as you progress you will get more challenging, but also more fun, words to work with.

The Good

The game is very easy to play, but rounds don’t take up very much time. Generally you will only need to put in a few minutes to progress, making it easier to play than many other games. It also allows you to pause and is pretty good about allowing you to resume the game on both Android and Ios.

The game is also free to play and you don’t actually have to buy anything to progress. When you have been playing for a week or a month, you aren’t going to hit a point where you feel like you need to pay real money to keep playing. In a world of games that push you to buy more all the time, this feels like a welcome breath of fresh air.

You can watch videos to get coins to keep playing, which makes it easy for you to save up for anything that you want. The daily limit isn’t very high, but over the course of a week you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to get anything you want. This also encourages you to log in each and every day, which makes you get better at the game over time.

The game works well if you minimize it and then re-open it, and there were no bugs that we could find. No amount of pausing, re-opening the game, or anything else seemed to cause problems. It is coded extremely well and anyone who avoids free games because they are worried that they won’t perform well can rest easy with this game.

Finally, the game flows well. By that I mean that you don’t feel like certain rounds drag, you are spending too much time on any given level, or anything of that sort. It feels comfortable and enjoyable, which is really positive if you are trying to avoid feeling frustrated or tied down to a game.

The Bad

The company has censored language, so anything relating to adult activities, swearing, replacement words for swearing, and a number of other things will not be able to be used as words. This can be a bit frustrating if you get letters that seem like they are trying to spell out these words. However, if you know ahead of time that they won’t appear, you can avoid thinking of them and make the game easier.

The game can seem a bit short, with the largest words still feeling a bit small. This game isn’t quite as challenging as other word games on the market. However, this makes it a bit more enjoyable and you will rarely find a round that really stumps you and makes you frustrated. It is also possible that new rounds will be added in the future, increasing the difficulty and the overall enjoyment of the game.

Some of the words used can be a bit obscure, which can be a bit frustrating if you aren’t used to them. However, you will see what you missed at the end of a round and it’s a great way to learn new words. I recommend keeping a dictionary nearby to make sure that you understand all the words that you are using. The uncommon words aren’t going to pop up very often, maybe every 10 to 20 rounds, so they aren’t that much of a problem overall.



This is a great little phone game that combines addicting activities with short rounds and learning. If you don’t have a large vocabulary when you start playing this game, it will grow and you will learn more each time you play.

The game has a few small flaws that can be a bit frustrating, but most of the time they aren’t enough to take away from the overall experience. The game isn’t necessarily unique, but it is well coded, enjoyable, and something that you won’t regret downloading.

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