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Anyone interested in incremental games will likely want to take a look at one of the earliest of these which is Cookie Clicker. Although it is one of the earliest of these types of games it is one that has a large following and has regularly been updated. The game starts by simply clicking on a big cookie on the left part of the screen. In the beginning, the player will get a cookie each time they click on the large cookie. The simplicity of how the game starts out is simple enough but as the player continues they will gain opportunities to greatly increase their activity.

When this game was first designed it was actually produced in a single night. Despite this fact, it is a game that is considered by most to play it, as highly addictive. Although it is considered an addictive game it is one that once the player gets it going it almost plays itself. Those who take a deeper look at the game feel that it has an apocalyptic theme and that the game is based around ideas closely related to capitalism.

How To Play Cookie Clicker

The target of this game is to produce more cookies and to get started doing this is by simply clicking on the large cookie that’s located on the left-hand side of the game. As a player continues clicking on the big cookie, they will produce more cookies and after they have a certain amount they can then buy upgrades which will help them to produce ever-increasing amounts of cookies. The basic premise and outcome of this game allows the player to play almost indefinitely.

When the player first starts they will produce one cookie for each click but as they continue they will get additional cursors which will increase the number of cookies that are produced with each click as well as automatically clicking and producing cookies on a time schedule. As a player increases the amount of cookies that they have they can use them to buy upgrades. Some of these upgrades include Grandma’s that can bake cookies, additional cursors, they can buy buildings, farms, and other upgrades.

From time to time a gold cookie will appear and these will only show for a limited time. If the player is able to click on the golden cookie before it disappears, then they will be given special bonuses such as extra cookies or the player’s ability to produce cookies will increase for a certain amount of time. Once a player has accumulated enough cookies they can use them to restart the game which will, in turn, earn them added Prestige and Heavenly chips. This will permanently raise the rate of production the player will have for making cookies.

Once the player has reached a level where they have earned Heavenly chips they will be able to access things such as the cookie dragon and mini-games which will further boost their ability to produce more cookies and to give them additional ways to produce cookies. There’s even an opportunity to continue earning cookies even when the game is closed. The game allows for achievements to be earned when a player is able to complete certain tasks. As an example, if a player produces a certain amount of cookies or if they are able to buy a certain amount of buildings, then this will allow them to attain those achievements.

When Was The Game Created?

Because this is one of the earliest incremental games created it was first made back in August of 2013. It has been reported that the Creator designed the entire game in one single night. It took only a few weeks for the game to have over 200,000 people playing the game every day. According to some reports, at its height, it had 1.5 million hits a day. Most reports show now that it continues even after all these years to get over 200,000 hits a day. One reason for its continued popularity is the fact that it continues to be updated and the latest took place in April 2018.

Was This Game Impactful On Idle Gaming?

Cookie Clicker was not only one of the earliest games available in idle gaming but it’s significant popularity meant that it had a significant impact on the entire field of incremental gaming. In fact, some articles have suggested that it is by far the best-known game of its type. Some have suggested that the game was fashioned after Farmville and that it could be played independently by an algorithm. Even so, the game is considered highly addictive.

Because this is a game that can be played by the computer and simply observed by the so-called player, those who feel an addiction towards the game are considered to be almost cult-like in their following of the game and they are no doubt obsessive in their behavior. Some players have said that their ability to work efficiently at work has reduced because of their addiction to the game. Other players have noted that the game could be considered bad for the environment because of the fact that the player leaves the computer on around the clock so that the game can continue.

Achievements and Cheats

For all the in depth info Achievements check out my dedicated  Cookie Clicker Achievements post  where you’ll discover everything including the shadow achievements.  For cheats and hacks  check out my dedicated Cookie Clicker Cheats page.

The Game’s Use Of Dark Humor

As noted previously, the game is considered to be based on capitalism and based on this fact, the use of dark humor is sometimes used to describe some of the upgrades. A good example of this is the fact that once a person owns enough factories they can gain an achievement title interestingly named Global Warming. Other upgrades include Grandma apocalypse. It is said that this is all to show that capitalism is doomed to destroy itself.

The popularity of this game is likely due to the fact that it has all the best qualities of idle gaming. It has a good balance that allows the player to continually feel as though they are moving forward. With each achievement, the player is able to generate ever-increasing amounts of cookies and this, in turn, gives them the ability to buy upgrades that ultimately allow them to produce more cookies and produce them faster. Anyone who likes this type of game is certain to be taken in and enjoy playing Cookie Clicker.

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