Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula Review – Scam or Real Deal?

You might have heard the rumblings. Tim Stafford’s “Cash Formula” has been all the rage recently.

People have been talking about it. Some opinions are questioning its legitimacy, while others are proclaiming it is the best thing since sliced bread.


Well, this review is not going to get ahead of itself. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this product and see how well Tim Stafford has done with the launch of this product. Does it do justice to some of the claims being made by traders? Here is all you will ever need to know about the product and what it brings to the table.


  • Created By Tim Stafford
  • Can Be Used By Beginners
  • Takes Seconds To Setup After Starting
  • Automated System Designed To Trade For User
  • Algorithm Is Updated Based On Market Trends
  • Regular Software Updates Are Provided
  • Private Member’s Dashboard Is Included
  • 24/7 Customer Service Is On Offer
  • Earnings Can Hit Five Figures In Days

These are the main features associated with “Cash Formula” according to its marketing and what is offered after accessing the product.

Let’s move onto the review.

Hits Minimum Of 76% Returns On Trades

This should say it all about how good the software is right off the bat. The numbers have come in, and it does an incredible job when put to the test. It can provide users with a bare minimum of a 76% winning ratio. This is near impossible to find with other options.

Not only is this amazing, but that is the minimum, so you know the claims being made are more than legitimate. The system does work, and this review was focused on this aspect before anything else. Software that does not work is never useful and in that regard, this does a great job.

Amazingly Easy For Beginners

Let’s say you are a “newbie” and have never traded in the market before. What are you going to do? Will you quit and think software options are not for you? Are you going to give it a chance?

The first thing you will want to know is if it is easy enough for you to use. It is a question you are going to have on your mind.

Yes, this is newbie friendly, and you will be able to get it to work for you with ease. It is not impossible to put together, and the setup process is as simple as it gets. You will adore using it.

Beautiful Interface

The amazing part of this software is how well it has been designed. Tim Stafford has not rushed to put together a system around this algorithm. He has made sure the product works as well as you want it to. It is beautiful as soon as you get to the private member’s dashboard.

It is a sight to see and is something that is going to leave you mesmerized as some like to say. It is quite the sight.


The one thing that stands out about this product is how exclusive it is. Where else are you going to have the founder pushing people away because he doesn’t want the wrong people getting their hands on a solution? Tim Stafford has a vetting process that ensures serious users are being welcomed in.

This is a part of the appeal.

You can get your hands on something that is exclusive and has not been spread across the market for everyone to tap into. What more could you want? It is the perfect fit.

Good Testimonials

The one thing you will care about is how others are doing with the same software. Are there legitimate results out there or are you the first one who is hopping on? Well, you are not the first one who is going to be using this software, and that is a given.

This is something that has been well-tested, and Tim Stafford has made sure it works before releasing it into the market.

There are thousands of testimonials stating this is as good as it gets. It is one of those elite software options that stands out, and people love it.

Incredible Support

The support that is provided by Tim Stafford and his team is something you are not even going to care about at first. You might not even think about it because you will want to get started with the software. Well, there is going to come a time where you might have questions.

What will you do at that point?

You will want to go to the help desk and ask them about your issue. The customer service with this product is out of this world. They are just exceptional, and you will be amazed at how caring they can be.

Requires Investment

The one con that some might like to suggest is the necessity of putting money down. You will have to use the online broker’s account that is provided with the algorithm. This is a minimum of $250 you are going to need to get started. This is a given as how else are you going to be trading?

You need money to get started, but for some, the amount might be a con.

In Tim Stafford’s eyes, it is all about seeing those who are serious about what they are going for.

Concluding Opinion

When sifting through software options, you have to assess for a few things.

Quality. Consistency. Customer service.

If one of these things is lacking, you will immediately know it is a dud, and better options can be found elsewhere.

So, does “Cash Formula” pass the test or does it falter? This review should say it all about how good the software is and the value it brings.

This is one of the best algorithms in the world and deserves the attention it is getting right now. Traders have to sign up for this as soon as possible.

It is a winning product if there ever was one.

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