In this tutorial we are going to create a Silhouette for a custom design from photographs. The silhouette design is very effective, not only as an advertising piece but also as a postcard,business card, a greeting card, or an original logo.

To make a silhouette from a photograph the subject needs to have a detailed enough shape when contrasted against a background to not only stand out but also be recognizable.

People or objects that are angled or positioned parallel to the plane of the image often work best. You can use just one silhouette or combine any number of objects from various photos and place these on any colored background. Just add some text to complete the design.

Open the photos with the objects for the silhouettes and a new blank document with the width, height, and resolution set for the custom layout.

Press D to set the foreground color to black.

Click the Quick Select tool.

Optionally, you can click the Lasso tool to select the subject.

Click and drag a detailed selection around the subject.

Press (Ctrl+J) to put the selected area on its own layer.

Press (Ctrl) and click the Layer 1 thumbnail to target the selection.

Press(Alt+Backspace) to fill the selection with black.

Repeat steps 3 to 7 for any additional photos.

Click the blank document to select it.

Click the Gradient Tool.

Click to edit the Gradient. The gradient dialg box shows up, enter the Color Stop values bellow or design whatever gradient you like.






Hit OK

With the Gradient Tool still selected hold down the shift key and click from the bottom to the top, now the background fills with the gradient color.

Click the Move Tool.

Click the black silhouette and drag it onto the new document.

Don’t release the mouse until the new window is opened.

Repeat steps 12 to 14 for any additional photos.

The silhouettes appear on separate layers in the new document.

With the Move Tool still selected click Auto-Select and Show Transform Controls.

Press Shift and click and drag the corner of the transformation anchors to resize this silhouette.

Click the silhouette and drag it into position.

Press Return (Enter) to apply the transformation.


Click the Type tool.

Select a color, font, and size in the Type tool’s Options bar.

Click in the image and type some text.

Press Return (Enter) to apply the text.

Select the Text Layer you just created.

With the Text Layer still selected drag the layer to the Create A New Layer icon.

Make sure that the layer you just copied is beneath the original text layer.

Press CTRL+T to scale the copied layer.

Set the Fill to 15%.

Select the Main Text Layer and right click on it.

Choose Blending options.

Select and set the Settings of Drop Shadow to whatever you like, the default are just fine for this example.

Select and set the Settings of Gradient Overlay to whatever you like.

Select and set the Settings of Stroke to whatever you like.

After you are done click OK.

To copy the Text Style to another text just right click on the Text and choose Copy Layer Style.

Select the text layer and than right click and choose Paste Layer Style.

Right click on the Silhouette Layer.

Choose Blending options.

Select Drop Shadow set  the distance to 2px or play with the settings and set them to whatever you like.

Select Stroke.

Choose a white color for the Stroke or play with the settings and set them to whatever you like.

After you are done click OK.

You can add a Letter box and a scan line effect to enhance the composition.

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