Create eye-catching PHOTO-FILLED TITLES in Photoshop

In this easy to follow tutorial we are going to pull off a filling text effect with an image. We are going to type text and use a clipping mask to clip the photograph so that it only shows through the letters. Because the letters are on an editable type layer, you can change the text even after the letters are filled with the image.

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Open a photograph and click the Type tool.

Select the font family, style, justification, and size.

Thick Text works best for this effect, we are using Aril Black and Impact in this example.

Click in the image and type the text.

Press (Ctrl+T) and  by holding down(CTRL) click and drag the transformation anchors to stretch the type.

Hit Enter when you are done.

Click and drag the Background layer over the New Layer button to duplicate it.

Click and drag the Background copy layer above the type layer.

Click Layer.

Click Create Clipping Mask.

The Background copy layer is indented with an arrow in the Layers palette, but the image does not change

Click here to create a new blank layer named Layer 1.

Click and drag the new blank layer below the type layer.

Press D to reset the default colors, Press (Ctrl+Backspace) to fill the layer with white. The photo appears to fill the letters on a white background.

Click the Move tool.

Click the Background copy layer to select it.

Click and drag in the image to move the photo into position inside the letters.

The photo is repositioned within the letters, creating an attractive photo title.

Now we are going to add Layer Styles to enhance the effect.

Select the Text Layer right click on it and choose blending options.

Enter the following setting for the blending options or play with them until you come up with something you like.

Here are the final versions note that you can place any type of background inside and outside the layer text.

[singlepic id=27 w=550 h=193 float=none]

[singlepic id=28 w=550 h=193 float=none]

That’s it guys for this tutorial try experimenting with the settings and see what works best with your images.

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  • Well executed tutorial. The outcome is really amazing. I will try to create this effect and it would be great fun.
    Thanks for the post.

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  • great tutorial. I'm a beginner. How do I insert a background for outside the picture? Thanks.

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  • Hi, I am from Nepal and i have learned some things today from your work. Keep up the good work.Well-done my fren.

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  • dude dat was awesome!!!......thanx man. i was hoping if you could teach me how you place the background outside the text..like behind it

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  • Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much for taking the time to create it and share it with us. This is an effect I have wanted to learn for some time.

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  • Thanks Olson

    Btw keept up with the tutorials they are really great and verry
    easy !!

    Good Job ;)

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  • thank you guys for the nice comments, they keep me motivated to produce more good stuff.

    The techniques explained here can work one every image and if you don't have your own images there are plenty of free site that offer them http://www.stockvault.net/ is one of them.
    anyways i got a lot of request from user asking me for the psd of the tutorial, so i decided to make it available.
    You can download the file by clicking the download button above.

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  • plzz why cant you ever link the original picture?

    otherwise a very good tutorial

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  • This is what i have been looking for an example for clipping mask, so i can learn how to make a clipping mask now...

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  • Very nice text effect, i have always wanted to do this.
    Thanks for the easy way of explaining

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