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You can modify the size, roundness, or other attributes of any of the existing brushes to suit your drawing style or your image. You can then save the modified brush as your own custom brush so that it is ready to use for your next design.

A number of other tools also have modifiable brush options, including the Pencil tool, the Eraser tool, the Clone Stamp tool, the Pattern Stamp tool, the History Brush, the Art History Brush, the Blur tool, the Sharpen tool, the Smudge tool, the Dodge tool, the Burn tool, and the Sponge tool.

Customizing Brush tools for your projects is a timesaving technique, and it is fun. You may find yourself experimenting with all types of brushes.


Save your custom brushes to avoid losing them if you reset Photoshop’s Preferences.
Click the drop-down menu on the Brushes palette and select Save Brushes. Name the file
with the suffix .abr and click Save.

Did You Know?

Photoshop CS3 includes many different brush files listed at the bottom of the submenus on the
Brushes palette or Brush options menu in the Options bar. You can load any set by clicking its name.

More Options!

You can view the brushes listed by name rather than the stroke thumbnail. Click the
drop-down menu on the Brushes palette and click Text Only or select a different-sized thumbnail or list view.

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