How To Create A Ripping And Tearing Poster Effect

In this tutorial we are going to turn a flat, artificial poster into something that looks as if it’s been hanging around on the wall for a long time.The initial poster was created using techniques that we have covered in previews tutorials. As you can see, it’s a brash image that looks nothing like a real poster.

This tutorial is written by Cheng Tao a Graphic designer from Indonesia, he was inspired by Steve Caplin the author of How To Cheat In Photoshop. He covers this technique in his cool book, I personally jut got a copy of How To Cheat In Photoshop and i must say is a must have for every Photoshop and graphic design user. For more info visit: www.howtocheatinphotoshop.com

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The first step is to create a new doc and load the poster image + a background, a brick wall will do the job in our case. After you have opened your images and moved them in the new doc select the poster layer.
Make a layer mask for the poster layer by clicking Add a Layer Mask icon.

Select the Lasso Tool.

Start making ragged selection using the Lasso tool. Note don’t be too precise.

Next we need to invert the selection by hitting SHIFT+CTRL+I.

Make sure you select the mask set the background color to black, we’ll be able to remove chunks of poster simply by pressing Backspace. Because we’re working on a mask, we can always undo any deletions that seem inappropriate later.

Simply removing pieces of poster isn’t enough. We need to show the torn paper around each rip. Make a new layer and paint on it using a small, hard-edged brush to trace roughly around each tear. It’s important not to try to be too precise here: the rougher the painting, the more convincing the effect.

Click on the create new layer icon.

Select the Brush Tool and choose a hard-edged brush form the options.

Now start to trace roughly around each tear.

Next we are going to create the folded corner, select the Pen Tool.

Now, on a new layer, draw the outline of the fold.

Click on the Paths Tab.

Select the Work Path and click load path as a selection.

Fill the new layer with a neutral color.

Select the Brush Tool and choose a soft edge brush also make sure the foreground color is set to black.

Make sure that the layer mask is selected.

Start erasing the background around the folded corner.

Select the Dodge Tool.

Select the folded corner layer and start to add a little shading with Dodge and Burn tools.

Select the poster layer and also add a little shading with Dodge and Burn.

We need to apply the Plastic Wrap filter to the folded corner to give the impression of sticky glue. So choose Filter-Artistics-Plastic Warp play with the setting until you come up with something you like and click OK.

The folds and creases are added using Dodge and Burn, first we are going to add a dark shadow using the Burn tool, then hold the ALT key (to temporarily access the Dodge tool) and paint above it to add the highlight. The lettering, which previously appeared flat, now looks rippled.

Choose the Burn Tool.

Choose a medium sized, soft-edged brush. Lower the opacity to between 20% and 40% so the effect isn’t too strong. and

Now start painting a shallow curve running from corner to corner.

Switch to the Doge Tool and start painting the highlight. Continue adding ripples until you are satisfied.

Select the poster, the brush and corner layer by clicking on the first layer and holding down the Shift Key when all layers are selected click CTRL+E to merge the layers.

Select the newly created layer and double click on the layer thumbnail, when the Blending Options dialog box appears choose a simple drop shadow.

From the Adjustment Panel add a Photo Filter and a Bright/Contrast filter play with the setting until you add a nice mood.

Create 2 new layers one fill it with black and the other one with white.

Select the Eraser Tool and choose a big soft brush.

Now start erasing the black and white layers until you are satisfied with the feel of the image, also make sure you lower the layers opacity.

And the effect is now complete.

So guys I’m letting you know a little secret, in the next couple of days i will be publishing the making of Red Bull Manny Mania Poster Design, actually i should have posted that tutorial first but i wanted to do it backwards so stay tuned.

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