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How To Create A Advertisement Banner In Photoshop

Hello and welcome to another free Adobe Phtotshop tutorial, In this tut we are going to demonstrate how easy you can design in just a couple of steps a Advertisement Banner using some basic photoshop tools, As usual, loads of great tips and techniques so let’s get started! Also the PSD file is available for download.

Let’s start by creating a new doc. Enter the name, Width, Height and Resolution for the new doc, in our case we are going to design a 468×60 standard website banner.

When you are done click OK.

Double click on the Background Layer Thumbnail.

Enter the name of the layer.

Click OK, now the layer is named and also is unlocked.

Now double click again on the layer thumbnail to show this time the Blending Options.

Select Gradient Overlay and choose a gray to white gradient.

When you are done click OK.

Now we are going to create a new layer to do that click the create new layer icon.

Select the Pen Tool and start drawing a shape just like in the fig above.

Click on the Paths Tab.

Select the Path 1.

Click on Load Path as a Selection icon and than select the paint bucked tool.

Set the foreground color.

Click inside the selection to fill it with the selected color.

Click on the Layers Tab.

Double click on the layers thumbnail, now the blending options pop up.

Click Stroke and choose a orange color, when you are done click OK to apply the color.

Note: repeat steps from 10 to 18 to add another shape just like in the fig bellow.

Select the Round Rectangular Tool.

Pick a color for the new shape that you are going to create.

Draw a shape just like in the fig above.

Now select all shape layers by clicking on the first shape layer and holding down shift to select the last layer.

Hit CTRL+G to group the layers, name the group shapes.

Insert a model by using the techniques that we have learned in our other tuts.

Select the Custom Shape tool.

From the presets choose the Arrow 2 element.

Add the arrow element to enhance the banner design.

Select the Text Tool and start adding text to your banner, try choosing different fonts and color for your text.

Enhance your text by adding Layer Styles.

Now group your text in one folder, name the folder Text.

The finished banner is now ready to be placed in your website.

Ok guys I hope you learned new skills and techniques from this tut i also hope they will help you on your future projects. Like usual try to experiment all the time when practicing, have a look at the PSD file to get an idea on how everything is organized. Staying well organized will help you to stay focus more on the design.


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