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Yankee Gal

Students continue to impress us with their high quality graduation projects Yankee Gal is another short film created by Antoine Perez, Céline Desrumaux, Francois Pons and Gary Levesque. It was made during their course at Supinfocom animation school.

The short took a whole year and a team of four people to make. The whole piece is visually beautiful and the characters are animated flawlessly. We can safely say that it was totally worth the time, the student concluded that this was one of the best experiences  they have had.

For more information check: www.yankeegal.com

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  • ABSOLUTLY AMAZING WORK! the story is really cool... truly unique animation...

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  • Outstanding work! But wait, isn't that a WW2 fighter pilot imagining a 'Yankee Gal', singing a song recorded by Marilyn Monroe in the early 60s? Never mind. Extraordinary lighting, modelling, animation, editing and sound design. Tremendous!

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