Photoshop Glass Text Effect

Hello and welcome to another free Adobe Phtotshop tutorial, today we are going to create a Photoshop Glass Text Effect. We are going to demonstrate how you can achieve in just a couple of steps a Photoshop Glass Text Effect only using layer styles, also the PSD file is available for download to copy and paste the effect.
This is a intermediate tutorial, to be able to complete it you should know the basics of Photoshop.

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First we need to create a new doc, type the text that we are going to apply the layer style and apply a gradient to the background layer.

We have covered this simple steps in our other free tutorial’s so if you are looking for a step by step guide make sure you check them out first.

Right click on text layer and choose Blending Options, The Blending Options Panel appears, Now you need to enter the exact setting that you seen in the screenshots for each of the effects.

Select the Drop Shadow and enter the exact setting from the screenshot.

Select Inner Shadow and enter the settings just like you did in step 2.

Select Outer Glow enter the settings.

Select Inner Glow and enter the settings.

Select Bevel and Emboss and enter the settings from the screenshot.

Select Contour and enter the settings.

And last select Color Overlay and enter the settings from the screenshot, when you are done click OK to apply the Layer Style.

And the effect is now completed. The beauty of this effect is that you can insert any background and you will be able to see through the text.

OK guys I hope you learned new skills and techniques from this tut i also hope they will help you on your future projects. Like usual try to experiment all the time when practicing, have a look at the PSD file to get an idea on how everything is organized. Staying well organized will help you to stay focus more on the design.


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