Remove Red Eye In Photoshop CS4

If you have been taking photographs, I bet that you guys have come across the red-eye effect. In this easy to follow Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to remove the red-eye effect from all photographs, whether they are scanned from film,prints or start out as digital files.So without loosing anymore time let’s START!
If you use a flash in a dark environment, the subject’s irises are wide open and their pupils enlarged, the more open the pupils are, the more red eye effect you get in your photos. This is caused by the reflection of a camera flash in a person’s retina. Photoshop has a great tool to help us remove the red eye effect, Photoshop’s Red Eye tool changes the red areas to a dark gray color rather than black, This makes your subject look more natural and enables you to change the eye color later if needed. The 10 steps bellow will show you how to remove the red eye effect from your photographs.

With the image open, drag the Background layer over the New Layer icon to duplicate it.

Click the Zoom tool and zoom in to enlarge the red eyes.

Click and hold the Spot Healing Brush tool to reveal its other tool options.

Click the Red Eye tool. The Options bar changes to show the options for the Red Eye tool.

Double-click here and type 15.

Make sure that the Darken Amount data field is set to 50.

Click in the red area of one eye. Photoshop replaces the red with a neutral gray.

Click in the red area of the other eye. Photoshop again replaces the red with a neutral gray.

Click the Zoom tool. The Options bar changes.

Click Fit Screen. Photoshop zooms out, so you can see the entire image and the more natural-looking eye color.

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